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Berkeley Travel Guide

Berkeley is a charming town teeming with all types of people, a beautiful campus, vast parks, great shopping, and some incredible restaurants. Berkeley which contains its small town quality despite its considerable quantity of industry and its 45,000 students, founded on ranchland in 1866, it was planned from the first as a university town. It is called after the Irish bishop and philosopher George Berkeley; responsible for the saying "Westward the Course of Empire takes its Way".

In 1991 full residential districts in Berkeley were damaged by a catastrophic fire, another one occured in 1923, after the last fire fighting precautions were innovated to prevent.

Berkeley is notable like the home of California's University in Berkeley, which is world-renowned for its academic standards, 18 winners of the Nobel Prize, and objections that led to the most popular student riots in U.S. history. Nowadays, there's even hippie idealism in the air, but the revolutionaries have aged; the 1960s are now only in tie-dye and paraphernalia shops. The greatest change the town is facing is yuppification; like San Francisco's rent and property prices soar out of the range of the average person's budget, everyone with less than a small fortune is seeking shelter elsewhere, and Berkeley is one of the top picks.

Hanging out is the favoured Berkeley pastime, and the better place to do it is Telegraph Avenue, the street that leads to the campus's southern entrance. Most of the action lies between Bancroft Way and Dwight Way, where coffeehouses, restaurants, shops, great book and record stores, and crafts booths (vendors selling everything from T-shirts and jewelry to I Ching and tarot-card readings pack the avenue) are generally crowded.

Berkeley has a marvellous food from all over the world, and more high-quality bakeries per capita than any city in the U.S. (maybe). You can get fresh bread and pastries, as well as any cheese you could possibly desire, from Cheese Board on Shattuck Avenue. A block down you'll find lovely treats as the perfect Passionfruit Cake at Masse's Pastries, and even after that you should drag your protruding belly to Crixa Cakes where Russian pastries are treated like the art they are.

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