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Berkeley is a traditional town in the United States; here you can find a different style life of San Francisco. This city is famous by the Berkeley University, one of best worldwide. Besides the Berkeley beaches are considered like one of the most beautiful inside California. The nightlife in Berkeley is other point to be considered in our trip, with traditional North American bars with different types of beers and whiskies. The streets with singular monuments, gardens and parks are only some examples.

Of course, Berkeley calls the attention by one thing, its university. One of the oldest universities in North America and, actually, one of the best around the world, The Berkeley University. This contains history, attraction, fascination and wonder in each part, location or atmosphere of the university with its traditional building, The Berkeley Campanille. Now you can watch all these landscapes, places and monuments examples of Berkeley and its diversity of attractions in History and culture.

This page contains a large selection of Berkeley photos, city views, monuments, churchs, streeets, attractions, etc.

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