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California has the most prestigious art schools in United State; of course, many artists have graduated from their classrooms, these were influenced by the sea and its waves, The Surf culture is strongly expressed in the paintings, sculptures and murals. However, Hollywood, the Mecca of film, is located in this state, too, therefore the best schools of acting, dance and film choose California to development all its production. Below we bring you the most important art schools in California.

California Arts Council

The mission of the California Arts Council, a state agency, is to advance California through the arts and creativity.

Grant Programs

The California Arts Council will be requiring all applicants to fill out a profile through the California Cultural Data Project and submit a supplementary form along with your application.

Artists in Schools

The Artists in Schools program supports artists in residency activities taking place in schools, both in the classroom and in after-school settings. All residencies must be a partnership between a school and a non-profit arts organization.

Creating Public Value ProgramCreating Public Value

Creating Public Value supports small California arts organizations in rural or underserved areas in implementing projects designed to make a positive contribution to communities utilizing tools identified as The Three R's: Relationships (building partnerships), Relevance (to audiences and community), and Return on Investment (making the case to the authorizing environment).

State-Local Partnership ProgramState-Local Partnership Program

Support for local arts agencies designated by County Boards of Supervisors to develop and sustain the arts and culture of local communities.

Statewide Networks ProgramStatewide Networks

Support for culturally-specific, multicultural, and discipline-based arts networks and service organizations to strengthen constituencies and promote the public value of the arts in communities. (through organizational capacity and community building)

California College of the Arts

California College of the Arts (CCA) is the largest regionally accredited, independent school of art and design in the western United States.

Founded in 1907, California College of the Arts (formerly California College of Arts and Crafts) is known for its broad, interdisciplinary programs in art, design, architecture, and writing. It has two campuses, one in Oakland and one in San Francisco, California, USA. It is one of the premier fine arts and design institutions in the United States. CCA is a member of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD), a consortium of thirty-six leading art schools in the United States and Canada.

Film schools

Film schools in California

The technology is a driving of the film industry that helps to make real ideas or worlds in the mind of someone. If you want to develop your ideas, it is time to visit film schools and find information about schools where you can follow this career and being a successful filmmaker, those schools offer programs like editing, production, directing, special effects and you will be exposed to a variety of specialties and you will understand your skills and energy as a professional in the entertainment industry.

Music schools in California

Music is one way to connect with yourself, but also you can connect with others so it is a bridge for the communication of our ideas. Now you have the opportunity to check music schools where you find schools in agreement you live and offer you programs that help you to build skills, enrich your live, and see the world from a new perspective where you will be in the spotlight as a musician, composer or be part of the record music, with many alternatives you have the opportunity to shine.
Music schools

Dance schools

Dance schools in California

Dance helps to develop your creative expression and you can acquire knowledge of different traditions and cultures. So dance schools provide you information about schools in accordance you live with programs where you learn techniques of dance, dance steps, how to express yourself and you will discover your skills with the help of choreographers and professional performers so you can follow many careers like teaching dance, choreography, journalism, visual design or dance movement therapy so dance provides physical, mental, personal and educational benefits.

Image schools in California

Images are important because they symbolize ideas and they are used in different medias and taken advantage in many industries for presenting their products or services, so in Image schools you will find many institutions where you can follow this career with programs that include photography and design for creating funny or informative images and you will be able to apply new techniques for make a revolution in this world.
Image schools

Beauty schools

Beauty schools in California

Nowadays beauty is an aspect that every industry needs to use for achieve to persuade in their consumers, so if you have a passion for beauty it is time choose a career in cosmetology, esthetics or another beauty-related field. For that Beauty Schools offer you many schools where you can enroll in one and choose a cosmetology programs so you will obtain a cosmetology training in basis services and pursue a specialty such as hair stylist, nail artist, cosmetology instructor or theatrical makeup in accordance with your abilities

Art schools in California

In many ways you can present your ideas with the use of different materials or techniques that they are used in many expressions of arts such as architecture, graphic design, illustration, music or photography, so art schools offer institutions with programs that help you to develop your creativity and imagination, also you will be shared for renowned artist who will give you a wide knowledge in art history and other issues so when you finish you will obtain a degree or certificate.
Art schools

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