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Job Search in California According to some studies, the following are the top ten labor-market platforms in California: Healthcare, IT professions, entertainment industry, personal services, veterinarians, dental hygienist, education teachers, translators, medical assistance and construction industry. At this point it would be natural to wonder: what I can do to get a job in these areas? Since unemployment is increasing, each time it is more difficult to find a job. However, there are many methods to find job offers. So donít give up and keep going with your job search.

Job search techniques

Government Support. Many State agencies in California such as the Employment Development Department, which offers grants to promote careers and create new job vacancies. For further information you can visit:

Virtual Support. Another useful tool is technology, especially internet which is essential in order to improve your job search, because there are several tools and applications to assist you in this arduous task. Patience is going to be your best allied through this process, in order to get that special job you dreamed of. You only have to look for a job database and job listings online, select your field and then post your resume online for free.

Mouth to mouth advertising. 80% of job vacancies are not advertised, it would be a great idea if you created your own job network; there are many websites that can help you do this. Job networks give you a lot of options to contact people and professionals that may know of some vacancies at their workplaces, you can go to job fairs too in order to reach a large number of companies offering job vacancies.

Direct Communication. Visit the Companyís web site to know if they are requiring personnel, maybe there are some job offers that are not published anywhere else, so it would be a good initiative to visit their sites.

Newspaper classified ads. Buying a newspaper to find a job is very common. You only have to apply at a fixed day and thatís it.

Remember that all job-search methods need planning and preparation, success depends on how much effort you put into the process. First of all, carry out a self-evaluation about your skills, capabilities, abilities and weaknesses. This assessment tool will help you create an excellent resume to complete job applications and prepare for future interviews.

Set and get your goals, find a job in California

There are many web pages specialized in recruitment but, first, we recommend you check how to make a resume and then gather all your applicable documents such as social security card, education certificates, California drivers license, and place them in a folder. You should take a look at different options on how to make resume templates according to your job experience area.

How can I make a good resume?

Everybody knows that a good resume is the key to a good (well-paid) job, so its elaboration is crucial to be an exceptional applicant. A resume is a short overview of your experience, in other words: it is your marketing tool. You have to figure out what is important and useful, remember that a good resume has to be precise, easy-to-understand, optimistic and attractive. There are many free web pages where to find resume examples that can help you make your own professional resume.

Write and outstanding resume and donít forget to attach your cover letter before sending it. Itís important to tailor your resume each time you apply for a job, this will give you more opportunities to get a job interview.

How can I make an outstanding cover letter?

The cover letter is a pretty important document when in the search-job process, it is basically a descriptive document attached to your resume to make it more efficient. The cover letter has to emphasize on your qualifications and skills, which make you a competitive applicant for a job position; then it must be a well-written letter.

Focus the cover letter on your skills and accomplishments linking them with the job description. Keep these facts in mind and employers will be more likely to consider you.

To make a successful cover letter you have to describe these subjects:
  1. Why am I sending my resume sample to this company or organization?
  2. Why do I think Iím qualified to get this job offer?
  3. A thank you letter is imperative: thank your interviewers for the opportunity they gave you.

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