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California is the most populous state in the United states, it is located on the Pacific coast of the southwestern US, bordered on the North by Oregon; on the East by Nevada; on the Southeast by Arizona (separated by the Colorado River); on the South by Mexico; and on the West by the Pacific Ocean.

It has the third-largest area in the country with total area of 158,706 sq mi (411,048 sq km), 156,299 sq mi (404,814 sq km) of land and 2,407 sq mi (6,234 sq km) of water. California has a great geography that ranges from forested coast to harsh mountains and desert.

The state is divided into 58 counties and 482 cities and towns; of which 460 are cities and 22 are towns. The major and most populated cities of the state are: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach and Oakland, being state's capital city Sacramento.

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California Map

California Map

California Map

California Map


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