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California is one of the biggest states in the U.S and is named to as the Golden State, which grows from the gold rush of 1849. Some miners did anything but become broke, while those that provided the miners with materials grew very rich.

California is situated along the west coast of the United States and is one of the most visited places on the planet. The capital is presently in Sacramento, situated in the central part of the state.

The California coastline has a Mediterranean climate and has attracted big populations and have favourable used political means, especially in the southern region (Los Angeles in special) to redirect water resources from both northern regions and other states to service thirsty populations. Central California is the region of the nation.

The land that is nowadays California State was inhabited by natives for maybe tens of thousands of years. Scientists actually think those natives moved the long journey across a natural bridge that associated Asia what is now Alaska. Mexico demanded ownership of what is now California and to some extent, controlled its use for diverse hundred years through a network of missions, with their primary intention to change natives to Christianity.

The USA conquered California as a consequence of the Mexican-American war, a war caused by a minor border conflict that turned into a broader conflict. Regardless of what has occurred, the USA prevailed and the state now boasts the 5th greatest economy in the world.

The area of the bay of San Francisco is place to San Francisco's cities, San Jose, the third biggest California city and the nationís tenth biggest city, and Oakland. San Francisco is most considered for its picturesque Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars and the former prison on Alcatraz Island

The Central Coast operates between L.A. and San Francisco with Santa Barbara like its most significant city. The Central Coast is attractive and scenic. North of Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo (SLO) has retained its old main street, popular for Farmers' Market on Thursday night, and one of two polytechnic universities (Cal Poly) with its emphasis on Engineering and Agricultural disciplines.

San Diego is situated on the southern end of the state and provides good beaches and water based sports. It is home to the west coast submarine fleet for the US Navy. There are several things to visit in San Diego containing Sea World, Mission San Diego De Alcala, and the Wild Animal Park. The San Diego Zoo has some wonderful exhibits, even if there are large crowds, and if the pandas are out, the crowds in the rest of the zoo run to dip down. The tour buses are also nice to go around the zoo.

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