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Education in California

Education in California The education in California follows a pattern similar to many states in the USA. The public education of California begins with preschools, continues with elementary schools and high schools, and culminates in universities or collages. The state government manages the education system; California has a Department of Education responsible for managing the issues related to the state education. However, the main government, located in Washington, gives the curriculum to be followed by all state schools.

Children between five and six years old must attend compulsory education until they are fourteen; all children have the right to education by law, and children under five years may attend kindergartens or preschools.

After high school, students may apply to universities or collages. There are many important universities located in California such as Berkeley, Stanford, and the University of California among others. Most of these are top ten in university rankings. Many foreign students travel to the USA to study here, because itís worldwide known that these are the best.

University courses are very demanding; students must research many works in order to consolidate their learning. Private universities like Stanford are very expensive, but they are known for providing a very good education. Public universities seek the most talented students in high schools so they may access a scholarship. There are other options besides universities like law, media and business schools for those who are interested in these sciences. For more information about each university in California, feel free to browse their internet site.

The education system of California is one of the best in the USA; the state invests a lot of money in education so public schools and universities give the best resources to their students. People in this state think that the best government investment is education. Students from low economic resources may apply for scholarships, and the skilled ones also receive many benefits.

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