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Employment in California

Employment in California The Golden state has one of the biggest departments of employment in the USA. Despite the world economic crisis, the nation is recovering from its bad financial situation and California is not the exception of that reality. However, search job is not an easy task and sometimes is a tedious process to follow, especially for many recent graduates. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, every developed country has created public employment agencies so as to counter joblessness, for that reason there are about 8,043 employment agencies in California helping unemployed people.

Employment agencies act as a liaison between companies and job seekers. We are used to look for jobs through recruitment agencies; nevertheless, there are a lot of job offers and you have to decide which one is the ideal for you. It’s recommended to customize your search according to your field of expertise.

Types of employment agencies

The most common type of agency is the contingency-based Agency; where everyone can apply and focus on low to mid-level positions. If you have a Master degree and outstanding professional skills, the Retained Search Firms is the type of agency for you. Senior-level positions are more commonly handled by retained agencies, also called headhunters or executive search firms. On the other hand, the Niche Recruiting Agency specializes in locating specific highly-skilled applicants, for instance, this agency may focus on placing healthcare professionals, while another may focus on IT professionals only.

Staffing Agencies work with job seekers or companies all the time, this type of agency hire jobseekers. That professionals reviews thousands of cover letters and sample resumes all the days trying to find the perfect candidate. Companies provide agencies with economic resources for the temp or contract employees, while agencies manage employee´s salaries, taxes, benefits and insurance.

Most important job agencies in California

Employment agencies play an important role in society. Having a good relationship with recruitment agencies can be an advantage over the rest of applicants. If you stay far away from California and you want to apply for a job in this State, specially IT jobs, the first thing you have to bear in mind is to plan your moving. This is not an easy task; however you can find helpful web pages providing interesting tips to do this activity easier. Other way is find a job who permits work from home.

In addition, we present the top 5 employment agencies in California:
  • Adecco
  • Kelly Services Inc.
  • Manpower Inc.
  • Spherion Corporation
  • Kforce Inc.

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