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Film Production in California

Film Production in California California is a populous state in the United States that is known as the golden state, so it has a huge development of its 15 sectors in spite of competition from other countries or states within the US. California still plays an important role in the industry because its productions are screened all over the world.

California has identified 15 Industry Sectors such as entertainment, tourism, education, technology, information and others. These sectors offer different career pathways in which people can find programs of study and choose one on the base to the needs of the industry. Many people consider that business is the best sector to get a successful career and a great job position.

Businesses need financial and managers to keep companies running smoothly. Keep in mind, pathways in finance and business sectors are the key to do successful business operations and offer a variety of career opportunities. So if you have an understanding and an affinity for mathematics, you can attend a business school in which you will develop highly marketable skills for this industry.


Business schools offer programs that include business courses in principles and procedures of business world, computer applications, taxes, investments, and asset management; this way students can break into this industry and obtain opportunities in different fields such as accounting, economy and management.

Another important sector is film, because California is home to Hollywood that is the center of the American film industry because it has always been the heart of the entertainment industry for giving rise to a popular fashion movie-star image and stereotypical life styles for that reason California has evolved alongside film making.

Hollywood has had an effect on culture across the world since the early 20th century because thousands of movies were issued from the Hollywood studios. For that reason, the entertainment industry is a fundamental and indispensable in the economy that serves as an important source of jobs and revenue that is why many people decide to attend a film school and be part of this industry.


Film schools offer programs in which students develop a broad academic background, and interpersonal skills such as communication skills, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities to participate in teamwork. During school, you will choose a specialty and obtain a degree as Graphic Designers, Lighting Technicians, Film Loaders, Fine Artists, Special Effects Coordinators, Videographers, Camera Operators, Sound Technicians or Make-Up Artists.

After school you can find different film production companies, in California there are six studios that produce feature films and TV series such as Fox, NBC Universal, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Entertainment, Walt Disney, and Warner Brothers that are concentrated in different fields such as corporate video production, high-definition production, post production and others in which you can put in practicing all your knowledge and work in one that is in accordance your expectations.

Certainly, the entertainment industry has faced challenges due to the rapid changes in technology, the globalization of the film business and the way people consume entertainment; for that reason the demand for jobs in this industry will continue to grow, so academic studies are needed to understand and keep up with changing technology used in this industry.

Keep in mind, California offer many attractions for those who want to visit it and also a wide range of employment opportunities in business and film sectors, so you do not waste the opportunity to visit California and enjoy a good experience.

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