California travel guide



California Travel Guide

Getting Around California

California is one of the biggest states in USA and there are a lot of options to get around it:

Getting around California by air

If you are not limited by your budget, you can consider this option because itís the best one to cross large distances within the state; California has many airlines that provide this service including American Eagle, Southwest, United Express and US Airways Express.

Some of the main California airports are:
  • San Francisco Bay Area

  • Burbank airport

  • Long Beach Airport

  • Orange County Airport

  • Santa Barbara Municipal Airport

  • Santa Monica Municipal Airport

  • Palm Springs International Airport

  • Sacramento International Airport

  • San Diego Lindbergh Field International Airport

Getting around California by Taxi

Getting around California by taxi will be an expensive but comfortable way; prices for taxis in California vary depending on the distance. Taxis also are a reliable method of transportation because many companies use web and phone based technologies.
    Ace Cab Co: (323) 261-6161
    Bell Cab: (213) 250-3100
    Celebrity Cab Co: (310) 278-2500
    Friend Taxi: (213) 387-7979
    Independent Taxi: (310) 473-5595
    Yellow Cab: (877) 935-5692

Getting around California by Bus

It's the cheapest way to get around the state and although itís not the most elegant way, youíll enjoy of a ride around the streets while you learn about the culture and meet new people. The most used companies of buses are Greyhound and Amtrak.

Getting around California by Car

A great option to get around California by car is renting a car; itíll allow you to spend your time without worries about transportation. You must be careful with your driver license because if you have a foreign one if itís not in English you must get a license recognized in the U.S. and consider learning some about the Driving Rules. Here a list with contact information of some of the best-known companies:
  • Avis tel. 800/230-4898

  • Budget tel. 800/527-0700

  • Dollar tel. 800/800-3665

  • Hertz tel. 800/654-3131;

  • National tel. 800/227-7368

  • Thrifty tel. 800/847-4389

Getting around California by Train

Traveling around California by train is one of the cheapest ways to get around the state; the most used service is from Amtrack which connects San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco and important places between. Tourists can buy a USA Rail Pass to get around California by free for 5 15 or 30 days. Getting around California by train is a pleasant experience that combines both: the comfort of a plane and the view of beautiful sceneries of a car.

Driving schools

Driving schools in California

If you want to go anywhere you want, just you need to take driving lessons but you need to be sure that the driving schools you choose, it must have a good reputation and a team of experimented instructors, so you can visit driving schools where you will find information about prestigious schools in your location, the necessary driving knowledge about driving license, traffic laws and traffic signals also driving safely that include to learn the right driving habits on the road and driving will be a nice experience.

Traffic schools

Traffic schools in California

Keep in mind it is not enough to learn driving for being an excellent driver; you must follow practicing more for handle a vehicle in dangerous situations, so trafic schools provide you a list with schools where a experienced instructor will teach you about the traffic rules and regulations. Enroll you in one, complete a basic safety driving course in a certified traffic school and be more defensive and safer driver so you will save your life as well as the lives of other people.

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