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Long Beach Travel Guide

Long Beach is an attractive city that contains one of the nation's busiest ports and biggest marina docking, everything from the tiny sabot sailboat fabricated here, to the historic Queen Mary Ship and huge freighters from around the world! If it's not sufficient to see the Russian Scorpion submarine parked next to English Queen Mary, drive a few miles south to view a real pyramid reaching 192 feet into the sky. Built along the perimeter of California State University Long Beach campus, this modern wonder, which is one of three such buildings in the United States, is situated just a mile or two from one of California's most rustic treasures, a rambling single-story adobe structure, Rancho Los Alamitos.

Bordering on Los Angeles to the south, Long Beach expands along San Pedro Bay. The city was founded in 1881 under the name of Willmore City by the Englishman W. E. Willmore like summer recourse for the dwellers of Los Angeles. Its name was changed before the end of the nineteenth century to Long Beach, therefore showing by its name that here there exists a beach averaging 490ft/150m in width and over 5.5mi/9km long.

With the construction of the harbour and the find of oil at the beginning of the 20th century, Long Beach became accessible view, and today is the second biggest city in Los Angeles County. Several important branches of industry have also situated here; especially notable is the firm of aircraft manufacturers McDonnell-Douglas. A dangerous earthquake in 1933, which cost the lives of 120 people and caused hurt amounting to 50 million dollars, slowed down evolution temporarily, but not for long time.

Besides a large congress hall and museums, Long Beach has the notable liner "Queen Mary" lying at anchor and changed into a hotel and museum, also the largest aircraft in the world, "Spruce Goose", made-up by Howard Hughes.

Long Beach is the fifth biggest City in the State of California, located within Los Angeles County in Southern California. The City fills a land area of around 52 square miles and maintains a population of approximately 481,000.

The City of Long Beach is often described like a series of strong, diverse, interwoven smaller neighbourhoods within a big city. Long Beach is home to residents of African American, Asian, Caucasian, Native American/Alaskan, Hispanic and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Island descents.

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