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Los Angeles has several options to transport like airplanes, buses, taxis, car rentals, limos, trains, planes, and bicycles. If you rent a car in the airport or drive in Los Angeles in your own car, it's a good idea to carry a map with you, and try to study it before you drive into Los Angeles. Also try to avoid driving during rush hours at 7 to 9 am and 4 to 7 pm.

Bicycle is accessible in the Metro Bus and Metro Rail. All Metro buses have bicycle racks at the front of the bus for the attachment of two bicycles. There is no guarantee, nevertheless, any particular bus will have a bicycle rack. The loading mechanism works by placing both wheels inside a pair of rails and pulling a spring-loaded arm over the front wheel and releasing it.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is approximately 20 miles (30 kilometres) south-west of downtown and takes about 30 minutes by taxi, and is served by an enormous number of international and domestic carriers. LAX, as all airports in North America, has its own security operations. Los Angeles also has excellent roadways with a number of interstate highways running into and out of the city.

Los Angeles connects with San Diego in the south and Seattle in the north. The travel from San Diego to Los Angeles is likely to take around 150 minutes. If you arrive from San Francisco, The Pacific Coast Highway and Santa Barbara, it can offer a scenic route along the Californian coast.

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