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Eating in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, the seafood and grilled meats are specialities of the region. Many cities in the world can give all needs or tastes, but Los Angeles goes one step further. Food is almost like Mexican or Italian food, also as Nigerian and Uzbek. People believe that L.A. is improved by the new Asian influences, which are reflected not only in the cuisine also in other aspects. In Los Angeles you can find some expensive restaurants in the world, including Valentino in Santa Monica and Rex II Ristorante in downtown L.A. Also you can find cheaper restaurants with prices of US$20. Rosalind's Ethiopian Restaurant, La Parilla and the Bombay Café are the best.

In the supermarkets you can find huge fresh burritos, sushi, hot dishes ready to go, and comprehensive selections of pre-made, delicious salads. This is a great place to buy food for a picnic!

The Los Angeles area is one of the best places for food. You can find anything you can imagine somewhere within its loose borders. The cultural diversity of Los Angeles is an evident influence on vegetarian food. Where you can find vegetarian people, be it Chinese, Ethiopian, Mexican, Thai, American, International Fusion, Vegan Macrobiotic. The hotel bars are the best places for drinks as excellent Californian wines, coffee and tea.

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