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The City of Los Angeles is surrounded with cities like Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, San Fernando, Universal City, and Culver City also with numerous canyons and valleys, which characterize the city, making it an area of diverse climatic conditions. Los Angeles is located at the southern coast of the State of California. The City is 467 square miles and has an irregular shape with the most expansive areas like in the northern part of the city and a strip in the southern portion.

Marina Del Rey, Westwood, Santa Monica, and the San Fernando Valley behind the mountains According to the United States Census, the city has a total area of 498.3 square miles (1,290.6 kmē)—469.1 square miles (1,214.9 kmē) of it is land and 29.2 square miles (75.7 kmē) of it is water. The total area is 5.86% water.

The extreme north-south distance is 44 miles (71 km), the extreme east-west distance is 29 miles (47 km), and the length of the city is 342 miles (550 km). The land area is the 9th largest between cities in the United States.

The highest point in Los Angeles is Sister Elsie Peak (5,080 feet) at the far reaches of the north-eastern San Fernando Valley, part of Mt. Lukens. The Los Angeles River is a largely seasonal river flowing through the city, with headwaters in the San Fernando Valley. Its length is almost entirely lined in concrete.

The City of Los Angeles is divided in four major geographic regions as The Metro Region, The Western Region, The San Fernando Valley Region and The Harbor Region. Los Angeles has beautiful beaches, dunes, hills, mountains, and rivers.

The Los Angeles area is very rich in native plant species such as the Los Angeles sunflower also many exotic flowers and flowering trees that are blooming year-round, with subtle colors, including the jacaranda, hibiscus, phlox, bougainvillea, coral tree blossoms and bird of paradise.

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