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You can arrive to L.A in different transports, on public transportation, if you want to stay within the triangle of Hollywood, Universal Studios and Downtown, the Metro is the best way to go. But Los Angeles is a large city, so if you want to travel around the L.A, driving will be the better option, despite the traffic in the city driving in Los Angeles is not difficult, hardly slow but all is traffic and smog. You can rent a car on agencies that are located at all five area airports. But if you have more time than money, only $3 will get you all around LA on the 5 Metro lines and two bus systems.

Rules of the road: It's really difficult to go around in Los Angeles without a car. it is recommended that you rent a car , as much as the city has been built with the car in mind, driving here is a hassle. You always must have a map. It's very easy to get twisted around and lost. Cheap Flights to Los Angeles

Public transportation
Public transportation isn't exactly LA's strong suit, but there are a few bright spots. Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus is a great way to get around the beach towns, and taking the MTA Metro to downtown is a fairly smooth process.

The Metro
The Metro trains are also clean, reasonable, and easy way to get around into Los Angeles.

Taxis are the best way when you want to go a short distance. Taxis are typically circling into L.A, There are nine taxi companies serving the City of Los Angeles. Taxis have Taxicab Seal and are insured; Drivers are regularly inspected and trained. All licensed taxis have meters, but may offer a flat rate for trips from LA to Downtown L.A, unless you're at an airport or a hotel, you could call a taxi. Some good options are Yellow Cab (562-435-6111) or L.A Taxi (213-627-7000).

Car Rentals
Car rental companies are located in the airports and also located at many of the larger hotels. Itís recommended to make your car rental reservations in advance, either online or by phone.

Driving in LA is easier to navigate than many other large cities despite the traffic. Freeways and streets are usually well marked. If you use your turn signals, someone will generally let you change lanes, even in bumper to bumper traffic. Drivers are much less aggressive than New York or Boston.

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