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Real Estate in California

Real Estate in California If you are a first-time home buyer, you might find some troubles in the Real Estate market since the market is not so good because of the world crisis.

But, the California Real Estate is getting better and the opportunity for buying a house at a low price will not be always like these days. Although, most of the Real Estate Companies in California do not sell houses in the area, there are some companies that sell houses at a small price.

The California Legislature enacted the first law on Real Estate in 1917; it was the first law of the nation. California’s Department of Real Estate (DRE) still keeps its reputation as national leader of provision and regulation of Real Estate licenses. The main objective of the department is to protect the public interest in offering lands and management of Real Estate transactions by persons with Real Estate licenses, and it also seeks consumer awareness.

Important details before buying, selling or renting

Keep in mind, before make a property transaction that you have to check the agent license and verify if it is active or has any observation.

When you are looking for a new house or apartment, you should investigate the background of the Real Estate company to make sure that you are investing in a serious and professional company. You need to be certain that your assets will be safe.

If you have applied for a mortgage plan, it is recommended that you check carefully your mortgage plan; find out if that is the kind of plan that benefits you the most.  Always make your mortgage payments on time to avoid having to give up your house.

Are you interested in becoming a Real Estate Agent?

If you want to enter the Real Estate market and become a Real Estate Agent, you got to study. Check Real Estate Schools on the internet and decide which one of them is the best for you. They offer different kind of courses; you can choose between traditional classes or online programs. The courses usually cover different topics but the most important are:
  • Real Estate Principles.
  • Real Estate’s laws and contracts.
  • Finances.
Remember, if you want to engage in the Real Estate business as agent or realtor in the state of California, the first thing that you have to do is get a Real Estate license of the Department of the Real Estate.

Best areas to buy a house in California

Here are some of the best places in California that are considered as the best for buying a house.

Santa Rosa

It is situated in Sonoma County, and because of its closeness to the sea it is an amazing place for buying a house there.

Santa Rosa, California


A nice city for buying a house, the tranquility of the city and its warm people are the best reasons for buying a house there.

Merced, California

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