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Sacramento Travel Guide

Sacramento Travel Guide

Sacramento occupies about 93mi/150km northeast of San Francisco on the U.S. and has been the capital of the federal state of California since 1854. The city was founded in 1839 by John A. Sutter, and called it after the nearby river. The old fortification known like Fort of Sutter has been restored and is now a tourist attraction.

In the early fifties the city suffered from diverse floods as well as frequent fires. The old city (Old Sacramento), cheek by jowl with the Sacramento River, with numerous shops and restaurants, was restored approximately in 1980. In 1856 the first Californian railway was opened between Sacramento and Folsom, and was later connected to the Transcontinental Railway line running between the east and west coasts.

Sacramento, with a population of nearly 1.8 million, is one of the quickly-growing areas of state. In addition to being the state capital, it is a prosperous shipping and processing center for the fruit, vegetables, rice, wheat, and dairy goods produced in the Central Valley. In the past decade, it also became an area of high-tech spillover from Silicon Valley, and more freshly a suburb for Bay Area workers seeking affordable homes. The amount and quality of downtown restaurants like the Esquire Grill and The Waterboy have improved too. This thriving and politically charged city has broad, tree-shaded streets lined with some impressive Victorians and well-crafted bungalows. At its heart sits the capitol Sacramento's most visible attraction in a large park replete with flower gardens, memorial statuary, and curious squirrels. Inside the capitol, visitors strain to get a glimpse of California's movie star governor, Arnold "The Terminator" Schwartznegger.

Sacramento is far from a tourist city, but it does have its share of tourist activities. Travellers and locals like spending the day walking through Old Sacramento, floating down the American River or biking the shady paths along the Sacramento and American rivers. Locals fondly refer to their water-bordered city as "River City."

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