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For visitors, the called SeaWorld is synonymous of San Diego. The marine park with 77-hectare is one of best popular attractions in California and for different reasons, additionally to being a leader in marine conservation, it is one of the few amusement parks in which visitors can know an ‘up close and personal’ encounter with some of the greatest marine animals of the world.

Made-up in 1964, the park is best known for its work with killer whales (now called as Orcas) and dolphins. Acrobatic stunts of the Orca whales, Shamu, Baby Shamu and Namu, highlight the unusual conduct and ability of trained marine mammals. The Dolphin Interaction Program provide to visitors an occasion to help in the feeding of dolphins and to experience what it is like to ‘swim’ with one of biggest warm-water residents of the world.

Balboa Park
One of oldest natural reserves of San Diego, this park with 485.6-hectares is an easy walk from Downtown San Diego and is a favorite place for locals and visitors alike. On summer weekends, the park is occupied with acrobats and musicians.

San Diego Zoo
Known for its preservation endeavour, the San Diego Zoo is one of the only zoos to have multiplied pandas in captivity. More than 4,000 creatures inhabits in this zoo, which operate by the Zoological Society of San Diego, began in 1916, and was founded by Dr. Harry Wegeforth, he travelled around the world and brought native South-western animals like rattlesnakes and sea lions. The zoo is also a botanical garden, lavished with more than 600,000 plants; "Dr. Harry" brought home plants from every location where he acquired animals, ensuring what would become the zoo's naturalistic and mature environment.

Old Town State Park
San Diego is the oldest city where California’s Spanish history first began, the area hosted the famous Presidio mission, which was established by Spanish missionaries in 1769, Located on the grassy knolls above San Diego Bay. Visitors can wander the Presidio’s immaculately sculpted gardens or visit the historical museum and mission situated within the fort.

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