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The sunshine might appear as the main event in San Diego, but the amusing truly commences when the sun goes down and the beautiful people come out in all their Saturday night best. The bar and club scene is the major attraction in nightlife hubs as the tourist friendly Gaslamp District, college friendly Pacific and Mission Beach, while in more residential neighbourhoods playing alleys, pool halls, sports bars, and corner dives rule the night. The town has various movie theatres screening everything from the latest blockbuster to obscure Hungarian documentaries to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Freshly, Marinas of San Diego were considered the better places to see great nightlife. The improvement of Downtown’s Gaslamp Quarter and the quiet growth of the city’s historic Little Italy neighbourhood have changed that. Gaslamp is very famous among locals and visitors like San Diego’s jazz quarter, though it is considered one of the best places to find live American rock too. Shelter Island is one of oldest waterfront dining and lounge areas of San Diego. Situated just west of the centre of town, it is established on the Point Loma peninsula and is a favourite haunt for locals and boaters. Similarly, Harbor Island, two minutes northwest of Downtown San Diego, has many option of bars and dining establishments. La Jolla, approximately half an hour north of Downtown, is an upper class area that is very popular for its nightlife accompanied by breathtaking ocean views.

Bars: Top of the Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, first Market Place, with a 360 degree view of the San Diego Bay and the environs, is a mandatory stop for travellers.

Casinos: Gambling is prohibited in California, except in casinos situated on Native Indian reservations on the outskirts of major city areas for example, on the eastern edge of San Diego. The popularity of casinos in Southern California has provided new and stiff competition with Las Vegas, Nevada and Mexican coastal towns, such as Tijuana and Ensenada, which have been major draws for gambling fans, in the past.

Clubs: Café Sevilla, 555 Fourth Avenue, is a famous nightclub in the Gaslamp Quarter. The club offers Latin and European music on Friday and Saturday, Brazilian music on Sunday and a range of salsa and Spanish rock on alternate days.

Live music: Doubtless one of the most popular dining and lounge establishments, famed for its live jazz, blues and folk, is named after the American blues artist Jim Croce.

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