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Eating in San Francisco

An excellent restaurant in San Francisco can be a real taste treat, but can also be enough expensive. An occasional restaurant is often even more fun. Maybe the coolest thing about San Francisco food is the amount of ethnic restaurants.

San Francisco has impressive restaurants. Unless you stick to the tourist places you see on the tops of the taxis. Of course, you can make any romantic night out more famous with a trip in a limousine and forget about parking hassles.

Eastern Bakery is the classical and oldest Chinese bakery in San Francisco's Chinatown and dates back from 1924, the place is faithful to a classical Chinese look and transports you across the ocean and backs a century just by walking in. The emphasis here is not on the design but on the content: a tasty cookie is more important than a complete Chinese seal on eat.

Japantown in San Francisco could be less known than other ethnic quarters, one of its attractions are the many Japanese restaurants at the shopping centers. A fierce competition pushes the prices down and creates a wonderful food quality.

Across the bay, in Fruitvale of Oakland, Saigon Wrap offers a Vietnamese meal. All the classics food is available here: pho noodle soup and typical Vietnamese sandwiches are the hits and closely resemble the originals. Aware the tastes of their customers, they serve Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk and cappuccino as well; tapioca desserts, and smoothies. Not all the attractions are Asian; next to Saigon Wrap is Powderface, a place specializing in New Orleans taste Beignets.

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