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San Francisco has been recognized for its temperate climate and socially progressive citizenry. From the bawdy days of the Gold Rush to the disco days of the late 70s, San Francisco, a peninsular island of amnesty, has provided haven for those outside the mainstream. It is no astonishment then that Gay and Lesbian culture flourished here as well. Meanwhile San Francisco's sunny Castro district is home to many of the city's gay-owned business and households, Gay and Lesbian culture has become a distinct part of the San Francisco's identity as a whole and there is hardly a street in the city where a rainbow flag isn't flying. San Francisco has a homogenous patience for the gay community, but these gay San Francisco hotels, restaurants, attractions and night spots have a particular appeal for gay and lesbian San Francisco visitors.

Many hotels and accommodation in the city are gay-friendly, they accept gay men and lesbian couples to stay at the hotel. San Francisco is well-known for being open-minded and gay-moderate. It is advisable to book hotel accommodation in advance when staying in San Francisco, as the city is always a busy gay-friendly place, throughout the year, especially during the annual San Francisco Pride Week in June. Gay-friendly hotels are readily available in San Francisco and are usually excellent value for money.

San Francisco Gay Events and Festivals: there is a wealth of gay and lesbian festivals and events held in San Francisco throughout the year.

  • The United Gay Open is in May.
  • San Francisco Pride Week Festival is in June.
  • Sundance Stompede is in October.

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