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San Francisco nightlife is as interesting as San Francisco, and San Francisco bars, clubs and lounges are located in different areas. For electronic music clubs, hip hop and chill art lounges, it is a good idea to go to SOMA of San Francisco. For bar-hopping with hipsters and rockers, Mission district rules. More elegant (Nevertheless just as debaucherous) bars can be found in the Marina district. Gay-friendly bars and clubs exist all over San Francisco, if you're looking for the huge, pumping nightclubs of New York, Chicago, or Miami. San Francisco offer its own unique and completely entertaining brand of nightlife, dominated primarily by live entertainment.

San Francisco has a festival for every genre of music like indie rock, hip hop, jazz and bluegrass. In addition to a few huge stadium venues, there are the dozen or so medium-size concert venues, perfect for seeing anything from a big national star to your favorite local band, also bars and pubs offer live music shows of week.

San Francisco offers opera and ballet into piano bars, hipster hangouts and Irish pubs too; San Francisco boasts a phenomenal assortment of after-dark entertainment, often on the colourful side. After all, San Francisco is the home of Bimbo’s 365 Club, launched in 1931 on Market Street pouring gin into coffee cups (while patrons gazed at girls swimming nude in a fish tank behind the bar), and holding forth since 1951 on Columbus Avenue, now drawing crowds with rock and jazz. Overall, the range stretches from avant-garde and expensive to basic budget.

In a city as hip and youthful as San Francisco, nightlife often functions as a mean for gathering and meeting friends. The Mandarin Lounge caters to professionals, granting well-mixed drinks and private conversation. In addition upscale, but in a more romantic vein, is the Empire Plush Room, which hosts vocalists, pianists and cabaret performers in tasteful environs.

All bars are required to stop serving alcohol at 2:00 a.m. Under California Law, smoking is not permitted in bars and restaurants. Also drinking age in California is 21 years and older; laws are strictly enforced.

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