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Santa Barbara Arrival

You can arrive to Santa Barbara by automobile, Amtrak train or the Airbus from Los Angeles, there are also flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and Denver, once there you can go everywhere on foot. The Santa Barbara Airbus provides diverse daily bus trips from Los Angeles International Airport, about 2.5 hours away from Santa Barbara.

The regular train from Los Angeles (San Diegan) stops in Santa Barbara; some trips per day are available. The train route just north of Santa Barbara, on the Coast Starlight, passes by exceptionally attractive coastal scenery. The Santa Barbara Train Station is situated in central Santa Barbara, only a few blocks from the beaches and promenades to the south, and the historic and shopping areas across the 101 Freeway.

Getting Around
The City of Santa Barbara is colourful and beautiful. Carrillo Street and State Street are the main highways. State Street is considered to run north and south, and has no direct off-ramp from the 101 freeway. Garden Street and Carrillo Street off-ramps are good to go at the City center. East and west street numbers have their beginning at State Street. Two north/south oriented streets on either side of State Street are one-way and help the flow of traffic in the downtown area. State Street is a two-way street that is great for sightseeing and "people-watching," although with its numerous stoplights and mid-block pedestrian crossings, it's not a good idea to quick commuting. If you are planning a trip to the downtown or waterfront area, there are many municipal parking lots where parking is free for the first 75 minutes. It is probably best to park and walk in the downtown area.

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