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Schools in California

In California, the school system is divided in elementary, middle and high schools. There are also public and private schools. If students want to pursue a higher education, there are universities and colleges in California.

School is mandatory for people of age six to sixteen. The students can complete their highschool education until they are eighteen.

There are many institutions that offer opportunities for lifelong learning such as adult education programs, community colleges, the California State University, and the University of California, for example. Also, it is worth indicating that the University of California (UC) is the main center of research and The California State University (CSU) system is among the best educational systems in the world.

To be a teacher in California, you must prepare additional information to apply for a job. For example, it's important attach a cover letter to your resume. Some teacher cover letters explains the education, personal or language skills, but to boost your opportunities to get a job you must write a cover letter with a personal touch, talking about why you want to work in this collegue, school or university.
Military schools

Military schools in California

If you want to be part of the Army, Navy or Air Force, you need to find a good school where you can obtain a high training to accomplish your goals. Military schools have the mission to produce leaders and offer you prestigious schools such as K-12 military schools , specialty schools or military colleges. Everyone has different advantages and you can choose a school that helps you develop your abilities. You will obtain a fundamental military training with experimented military instructors.
Law schools

Law schools in California

Laws are the way to achieve a harmonious country without violence. For that, you need to immerse into the world of laws, where you will know all about laws to be part of this changing school. Look for law schools that offer programs in areas such as criminal law, family law, business law, constitutional law, etc. By becoming a lawyer, you will be able to face real problems and apply legal theories to help others. You can continue your education and obtain a higher degree such as a doctorate, for example.
Flight schools

Flight schools in California

Learning to fly a plane is a dream that some people want to achieve; whether it is for fun or just as a career. Flight schools give you the opportunity to become a pilot. You will find a list of schools that offer programs where you will learn the principles of flying, meteorology, flight rules and the ability to operate and navigate an airplane. After you finish your career, you can earn a certification and work like a pilot, a copilot, a flight engineer or a flight instructor.
Pilot schools

Pilot schools in California

The key to be a successful pilot is to be prepared as professional pilot. You have to know how this industry works, and what kind of benefits you can get if you follow this career. Look for several pilot schools and obtain information about this career so then you can obtain all the information that you need about the career of a pilot and make the best decisions based on that. Pilot schools have a staff of experienced pilots that have various training techniques and practical insights to help you achieve your goal as a pilot.
Technical schools

Technical schools in California

You can achieve your goals in a short time and technical schools are the first place to start. There are many prestigious technical schools. Choose a school that is close to your area. These schools offer accelerated programs that focus in providing skills in specific fields with instructors who have had previous training. Technical schools also offer bachelor degree programs in a limited number of fields. In the future, you can work in consultancies, shops or businesses.
Boarding schools

Boarding schools in California

Education is important. It is important to consider the kind of school that you are attending. One of the many alternatives is the boarding schools. These schools offer programs that combine academic classes with sport activities. They also offer extracurricular activities where you will learn how to live with other people, socialize and join in a multicultural society.
Trade schools

Trade schools in California

Another way to continue with your education is by attending a trade school. In a short time you can obtain a degree. In trade schools you will receive practical training and the tools to learn real skills that are required to obtain a job in the field of your choice. You can even use what you’ve learned in real life because the trade school programs are supposed to prepare you for the future.
Massage schools

Massage schools in California

Massage is known as a healing science; it can be used for many reasons such as stress relief, pain management or just to improve the general well-being of an individual. Massage schools offer programs that include the study of the human body and kinesiology; so, you will learn therapeutic techniques such as how to apply pressure and movement to the body of a person. Massage therapy is gaining acceptance in the medicine field, and it is suggested by doctors as an alternative treatment to supplement methods of pain and stress relief.

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