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California Travel Guide

Sports in California

Sports in California California is a state of North America considered a major economic power, a pioneer and leader in many segments of industry such as aeronautics, space technology, computer science, electronics and medical industry. But it also has great influence on sports, so it was one of the headquarters of the main venues for the 1984 Olympics and World Cup 1994. Also California has nineteen franchises in professional leagues in the country and, nowadays it is one of the states that provide the best athletic programs in their universities, like Berkeley, USC, UCLA, Stanford and Fresno. The variety of sports played in this city is numerous, but highlights include football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey.

One of the factors that allow the practice of many sports is the weather, which constantly varies according to altitude and proximity to the coast, although in general the state has a pleasant and warm atmosphere. Practice sports in the beach is great way to stay in shape and lose weight, but also you must pay attention to your feeding. The first step you must follow is to measure your BMR index or basal metabolic range. To calculate your value you can try a professional online bmr calculator who indicate you the calorie needs per day.

Marinas in California

Practice sports in California beaches allows ongoing visits to the various beaches of the place, reason why the marinas have been increasing and further improving its services, there are all the facilities for tourists. California marinas offer variety of services for visitors and their boats, so they have everything you need to make your stay more enjoyable.

Among the places more visited is Baja California, not only for its large size, narrow and deserted, also by the beautiful turquoise sea and the unique ecosystem of the surrounding desert living, making it one of the last natural paradises in United States. California's strategic location, allows a wide variety of tropical fish and pelagics, plus countless species of invertebrates that made this place "The World's Aquarium". This is the main reason so diving is one of the most common in this part of the state.

For those interested in enjoying this wonderful seascape there are several programs, among which there are diving lessons, which allow a different and unforgettable experience in a framework of unsurpassed marine beauty.

Ski resorts

While no California ski resorts can be found, due to weather, there are other areas of the United States that offer this service for those who want a different experience and more adventures. These places have plenty of service, being the most sought those that offer ski schools with their different programs. Ski lessons offered by the schools are greatly fun and care to avoid any eventuality, but of course also has specialized equipment in case of accidents.

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